Virgen de los Dolores  -Canvas     16″ x 22″       (MOQ 1)


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Virgen de los Dolores/Lady of Sorrows

The Virgin Mary turned slightly to the right has her hands clasped in an imploring attitude, her gaze absent and her eyes flooded with tears. She wears a bluish-green robe, a violet tunic and a white coif. The iconography of “Mater Dolorosa” does not appear in the Gospels, however it is a creation that emerges from the exaltation of pathos at the end of The Middle Ages. Nevertheless the episode always comes after the dead of Christ, whether she appears with her crucified son after the descent from the Cross or displaying a mother’s grief in solitude, she is always there ready to console the world.

Author: Luis de Morales
Dimensions: 16″ x 22″ framed
Date: 1560/1570
Location: Museo del Prado Madrid
Technique: Oil panel

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Virgen de los Dolores  -Canvas     16″ x 22″       (MOQ 1)