Turin Crucifix Book  (MOQ 2)


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Turin Crucifix by Mark R. Fisher

The Crucifixion sculpture of the Turin Crucifix™ Project is the sole purpose for the writing of this book. It describes the six elements of the sculpture along with the reasoning behind how and why certain depictions of these elements were chosen. Details from the Shroud of Turin are first explained, and the manner in which they were then incorporated into the sculpture is described. Carbon-14 dating and recent examinations of the Shroud are presented. Up-to-date resources on investigations into the Shroud are also provided.

The Shroud is just one of the five Relics of Christ’s Passion which were used to create the sculpture – all of these Relics are described in detail. Insights from Mystics as well as recent archeological discoveries were researched and made part of the sculpture. Illustrations, Photos, Figures, Tables and Appendices serve to complement the text.

Additionally, two original theories are presented on the nature of the wounds

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Turin Crucifix Book  (MOQ 2)