Sacraments Holy Water Font            (6″ x 4″)


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Handmade Holy Water Font.

Fine polished pewter for everlasting shine.

Holy Water contains positive energy derived from devine intervention from God.

Keep it around all the time at home and at the office.

MEASURING: 6″ x 4″, It holds approximately 2 oz of Holy Water, includes a hanging hook midway behind.

Individually packed for any time gift-giving.

Pewter is easy to clean, use a duster regularly and if needed once in a while a little windex, because of its chemical composition pewter is made to always keep the shiny look and physical appearance, our pewter religious art is made by hand, unique pieces of art with exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, handcrafted “artesanias” are never exactly alike and are produced in small batches by families that often work from home and who depend of their work for their survival.

Thanks for your support!!

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