Oraciones y Santo Rosario de Difunto

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Novenario para difuntos (Novena for the dead) In this book you’ll find guided prayers and supplications for a good dead.

When a family member is gravely ill, it is the tradition of the Catholic Church to help-prepare them for their final departure, there are many recommended prayers in this book for that special moment, that in the absence of a priest any family member can recite to help their loved one prepare themselves to meet their creator.

Guided litanies and prayers for the 9 days (nevenario) following the funeral of their love one.

Special prayers for the moment of death, powerful litanies for before and after death that everybody can recite as they mourn their beloved, prayer for the moment when a family member shall close the eyes of the departed one, prayer for the moment when the body is deposited into the coffin, prayer for the moment when the coffin is closed for the first time.

Hymns, invocations, rosaries, litanies and prayers are all in SPANISH..

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Oraciones y Santo Rosario de Difunto