La Piedad  -Lithography           (MOQ 1)


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DIMENSIONS: (16″ x 20.5″ FRAMED)

La Piedad / La Piata

Period: Singlo XIX

Author: Antonio José Carranza Giocochea Date: (1817 – 1893)

Collection: Galeria de Arte Nacional Caracas Venezuela

In 1877, he was appointed President of the Academy of Drawing and Painting at the National Institute of Fine Arts, at the “Exposición Nacional de Venezuela” in 1883, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Simón Bolívar, he was one of the panel of judges, which also included famous painter of that time Celestino Martínez.

Before his death in 1893, Antonio José Carranza was considered Venezuela’s Sacro-Art master artist of his time.

NOTE: This image is a public domain image, it means that copyright in the image has expired and that the copyright holder waived their copyright renewal option, this image could or may have imperfections as it is of historical nature, and, a direct reproduction of the original.

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La Piedad  -Lithography           (MOQ 1)