Genuine BLACK OBSIDIAN Gem Stones bracelet w/Cross Charm


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7″ genuine stone lady’s bracelet with a pewter cross charm.

Popular with young adults.

It makes a very good incentive with parish ministries, fundraisers, birthdays, anytime giving and Mother’s Day.

BLACK OBSIDIAN is known for its natural bright black colors and it’s generally connected with grounding and protection.

“Precious stones are remarkable for their color, brilliancy, or rarity.
Such stones have at all times been held in high esteem everywhere.
According to Sacred Scripture; very early on, people from the Orient appropriated precious stones for divers ornamental uses: rings, bracelets, collars, necklaces, the crowns of kings, also the garments of their officers and priests were adorned with precious stones.
The Hebrews obtained their precious stones from Arabia, India, and Egypt.
At the time of the Exodus, Egypt was flooded with riches, and we know how the Israelites; on leaving the land, possessed themselves many precious stones.”

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Genuine BLACK OBSIDIAN Gem Stones bracelet w/Cross Charm