Set of 12 votive candles, in 12 different colors and 12 different fragrances, in one single box, designed to be used in Christian Homes, at the beginning of each month honoring the Holy Trinity.

In the hispanic culture, there is a tradition that dates back to early 1700’s, to light a candle to the Holy Trinity each first day of each month beginning in June (month of The Holy Trinity) in thanks giving for being alive.

Reasons Catholics Light Candles:
Catholics often light candles for an individual.
This may be for the soul of a deceased loved one or someone who is sick.
Prayers are said for those in need of divine intervention or a divine blessing.
Individuals also light prayer candles when seeking divine guidance.
The lighting of a votive candle isn’t always in a prayer of request.
Some Catholics light a candle in gratitude of blessings bestowed on them.

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