Cassia – BIBLICAL Scented Oil 2 oz        (MOQ 3)


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Fragrance: Cassia fragrance oil.

Kind: Natural Scented Body Oil.

Benefits: May help with boosting the immune system and be helpful in improving circulation, it may also increase feelings of alertness and increase metabolism, may also help to improve mood and diminishes negative feelings, reducing headaches and nausea.

Cassia is an essential oil, in Exodus 30:22–25 and in Psalms 45:7–9 besides being used on people, the Bible tells us anointing oil was also used in making clothing fragrant. In Ezekiel 27:18-19 we learn that cassia was used in trade.

Warnings: Saints Scents Body Oils are not a remedy or cure for any illness, nor are they recommended for the treatment of any kind of medical condition, Saints Scents Body Oils are only intended for meditation and relaxation, when we say [they may help] that is not to be taken as a recommendation, rather the result of product research and comments from satisfied customers that have used our products and others alike.

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Cassia – BIBLICAL Scented Oil 2 oz        (MOQ 3)